I have been lucky enough to meet many guides along the way in my life to assist my journey. Now it is time for me to share that journey with you. I hope this is a place where I can learn more about you and we can learn and grow together.

I am a member of the Management Team at Formstack with a focus on leading our development teams to provide great products and services to our clients. My specialty in business is delivering lasting cultural change under the guise of improving the daily grind. I draw upon years of field experience in industries ranging from manufacturing and oil refining to universities and churches. Professional canon aside, my methodology for building a learning team is successful in all sectors – whether at your day job, your dream job, or tackling the dishes at home.

I tend to write long posts. I am really wordy and verbose. In fact, one of my favorite quotations comes from Blaise Pascal in a collection called “Lettres Provinciales” in the year 1657 (translated to English):

I have made this longer than usual because I have not had time to make it shorter.